The Start

New Beginnings

Yes, I am starting a blog. I have no idea if I will be good at this or how frequently I will be able to update it, but here we go. In my blog posts I will stick to English as it would be too time consuming to translate everything. I apologize in advance for any spelling mistake or grammar disaster you might find here; English is not my native language.

I will mostly blog about my photo shoots, but every now and then you may catch a glimpse of my personal life as well.

I guess my journey to becoming a photographer began when I got tired of my day job back in 2012. I do everything 150% and it is exhausting to put all your energy and time into a job you can keep for only nine months or less. Our traveling/moving lifestyle made me look for other options and I wanted to build something that's coming with me wherever we go. So, with the help of my husband (About Me) I discovered my passion for photography and follow it ever since. It is so much more satisfying than working your butt off for somebody else.  

I'm totally aware that there are so many people with the same dream out there but this won't stop me. It will be tough at times and only time will tell if I gonna make it as a photographer but I will work hard for my goal, no giving up on my side!

So follow my journey and most of all...WISH ME LUCK!