A Little More About Me...

Hey there!

You already know how I discovered my love for photography but who is the person taking the pictures? That's a good question, so here is a little more about myself.

I am super shy! Yes, it is true, I am the most quiet person and I am overthinking everything. 
I don't like big crowds, in a room full of people you would never know I was there.
The complete opposite of my husband by the way, who likes to entertain people and make them laugh. 
This changes as soon as I have my camera in hand. Somehow it gives me confidence and makes me feel a lot more comfortable. 

I hate to be photographed! Even as a child I already refused to step in front of a camera. My mom is still mad about this because there are very few family photos you will find me in. I am not sure exactly why it is like this, but I guess it is because I lack confidence and have never liked myself in pictures. This is what I want to give to people, make them feel beautiful and proud of their photos.

I am a photo nerd. I love my camera and computer and am fascinated by everything that comes with it. I will spend hours studying my camera's features and my equipment. Also I know the equipment is not the most important part of photography I think you should know your gear by heart. 

I am a perfectionist and very critical of myself. I study everyday to improve my photography and hope I am on the right track because I love what I do!
When people tell me they love the photos and also tell me they had a lot of fun during the session, this is the biggest compliment for me. To know they felt comfortable in front of my camera is very important to me, because they should not only love their photos, the whole experience should be fun!

A lot of times I am scared I am not ready yet but every shoot shows me that I am and that I just have to follow my heart and believe in myself.

I love living life with my husband and our two black pugs Lexie and Tricky. Hopefully there will be some pug puppies in our home at some point!

To be brutally honest, this is the first time in my life I take a risk and follow my dream wholeheartedly. I usually choose the safe way...so we will see where this leads me.